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Prepared to Bless: Practical Preparedness for the Home (Volume 2)
As I prepared to write this book, I fought myself at every turn. The more I thought about it the more I realized: If I have questions about some of these areas, others might too. And I was right. The goal for this book is to bring to the attention of the reader, regardless of your religious or political beliefs, your opinions about society, or your views regarding end-times or “doomsday,” the importance of being prepared for an emergency for the benefit of your family and others. As I researched and studied, I became more resolved that several books had to be completed. God’s Word reveals a plan and many principles that we should and must follow. In Prepared to Bless: Biblical Principles for Preparedness, we examined Scripture to see not only principles but also examples of Bible heroes preparing for trials to come. It is not a lack of faith to prepare for a coming trial. We also saw that being prepared is a great blessing to our family, to our neighbors or to a stranger. In Prepared to Bless: Practical Preparedness for the Home, our goal is to help the reader determine and establish reasonable and attainable preparedness measures for themselves and their family.

If you have watched any of the doomsday or prepping shows on television, then you have seen people depicted as focusing on one disaster or another. Our approach is not to focus on a specific event. Most preppers and survivalists agree that families should focus on self-reliance and general preparedness in the event of an emergency. We believe that there are basic preparedness principles and practices that can have a family prepared for a variety of disaster possibilities. There is not a “one size fits all” plan when it comes to preparedness measures. Each family has unique situations and family members for which they must prepare.

We help the reader see the difference between basic, minimal, moderate, and extreme preparedness. Charts, lists, and product suggestions are included to help the reader better determine what they need and to what extent they want to prepare themselves and their family.

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