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The Business of Ministry
The strength of any endeavor is in its foundation. The church should not be any exception. Starting a church should include a true biblical understanding of a church as well as organizing the business aspects of the church correctly. A church has a unique role in the world. It is first a ministry in that it ministers to the needs of its members and those outside the church by proclaiming the Gospel through preaching, teaching, and organizing various outreach efforts for and in the community. However, it is also a business. Churches must maintain the business of church or they may not have a church with which to minister. In this book, we examine the foundational documents that every church should have in order to protect themselves and their members. We discuss the differences between the legal and spiritual items necessary for a church to function. We then explore the areas where biblical principles need to be followed yet where there are many practical ways to function in the day to day business of the church without violating any biblical principles.

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