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Prepared to Bless: Biblical Principles for Preparedness (Volume 1)
In the last several decades, we have watched as many disasters affected Christians around the world. Early on, only the extremely organized mainline denominations seemed to have a sense of what to do in the event of an emergency anywhere in the world. Plans were not previously in place to assist missionaries on the field, help churches in disaster zones or pass on information to other Christians so they would be able to help. Those that did have plans had difficulty with logistics and communicating information. However, over the years, as more and more tragedies have occurred, churches and Christian organizations have improved their action plans. Today, many mission boards have established plans for their missionaries to supply needs for the missionary and to those to whom they minister as well as plans to disseminate information to supporters. Yet, some still seem to not understand the importance of emergency preparedness. We believe it is because they do not understand the "why." Written as a Bible study, this book explains the biblical principles behind emergency preparedness for those who seek to be the hands used of God in times of crisis.

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